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"Standing there at the stage door to the rest of your life. Time to dip your toe into the deep end. Try things. Say hi already. Laugh a lot. Mess up. Apologize. Mess up again. Hug people. Take chances. Trust yourself. Lose things. Get over it. Hold your friends close. Gather your strength. Gain wisdom and beautiful stories. Be brave, and you’ll have the time of your life.

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taylor has set the bar so high for what it means to be good to your fans

like most artists charge hundreds of dollars for simple 2 minute meet and greet with a hug and a picture but taylor fucking stalks her fans, invites them to her house for free, bakes for them, lets them hold her grammys, shows up to their baby showers, has her search stadiums to bring people back (AGAIN FREE OF CHARGE MINUS THE TICKET COST), gives them pep talks on instagram, has them pretend to be her bffs for the paparazzi and so much other shit like no artist does anything like that this woman is amazing

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whenever I actually think about the fact that thousands of people are following me and could be reading this rn I’m just like wtf

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I was just about to put out a new doormat that said, “go away.”

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